Fly-in Aircraft Confirmed

Aircraft already confirmed for the Radials, Trainers and Transports show at Halfpenny Green Airport of April 29th & 30 2017.

The Antonov AN2 club.

2 Beech 18 Beechcraft

G-GWFT - kit built aircraft bought in honour of Georgia.

EC-LIR - Ultramagic Balloon



11+ Harvards....

A veritable squadron of Russian Built Yak Aircraft!

A Morane Sauilner Alycon (the only example in the UK!)

8 aircraft coming from Biggin Hill Shipping And Airlines

Aircraft Confirmed as Attending

Stinson V-77 Gullwing. 

The Stinson Reliant  was a popular single-engine four- to five-seat high-wing monoplane manufactured by the Stinson Aircraft Division of the Aviation Manufacturing Corporation of Wayne Michigan with its first flight in the year 1933 and eventually there was 1327 produced by the time they stopped building them in late 1943 for the Us and British forces. We hope to make a bit of history at Radial,Trainers,Transport by having 3 Stinson’s together for the first time on british soil since WW2. 

The Aircraft we have attending are 

G-BUCH - built in 1943 was one on of the Royal Navy’s Stinson’s in WW2. and is owned by the Nigel Knighton he has owned G-BUCH for 10+ years and is regularly seen at Events through the UK and is a keen supporter of the Fly-in. 

N69745 - built 1942 is one of over 500 Stinson’s transferred to the Royal Navy under Lend – Lease arrangement it was imported into the country in late 2015 from the United States to oaksey park and is owned by Paul Kehoe and  is now based at Birmingham international airport since late 2016 it will be its first appearance at a UK Fly-in 

NC33543 - Built in 1944 as a AT-19 and was also Like BUCH,9745 a Lend lease Aircraft for the royal navy during World War 2 it was brought by Donald Maxwell in 1979 where he restored it to its look today it used to fly until his death in 2015, it was imported into the UK in early 2016 to Oaksey Park and has only taken flight in the last few weeks in the UK It now lives at Abbots Bromley and is currently for sale so this may be one of the few chances to see it in the UK. 

T6 Also know as Harvard,Texan,AT6-D,NA-16 

Affectionately know as the pilot maker by its pilots and owners the T6 Texan was first flown on April 1st 1935 it was submitted to the basic combat competition in 1937 then pressed into service 180 went to the USAAC and 400 went to the RAF as Harvard 1. There are several variants of this much loved aircraft flying all over the world including highly modified examples for the Reno air race held each year. In the UK there are just under 30 examples on the Register with just over 20 flying we are planning on having the largest gathering of this venerable type at Radial,Trainers,Transport with 10 Due to attending from all over the UK. 

Aircraft we have attending 

G-TVIJ - Built in 1953 was put on charge in that same year to the USAF it served with the USAF until 1957 when it was shipped over to Europe and joined the newly reformed Luftwaffe in 1964 it was overhauled in Portugal and shipped to Mozambique written off in 1974 it arrived in the UK in 1990 and took up its Registration in 1993 and is owned by well known warbird pilot Rob Davies. 

G-AZSC - built by the Noordyne factory, rolling off the production line on the 2nd November 1943 and was allocated the USAAF serial 43-13064 she then departed for the docks on the 24th December 1943, arriving in Liverpool docks on the 6th January 1944. After the war 064 served with the Royal Netherlands air force until 1972 when Doug Arnold bought the aircraft then in 1981 when Gary Numan brought the aircraft and throughout the 80s and the 90s displayed it as the Radial pair and later the Harvard display team.  He sold his beloved T6 in 2005 to goodwood flying club where she resides now operating as a Warbird experience it will be her second visit to the Fly-in the capable hands of Sam Worthington Leese . 

G-BJST - was built in 1953 by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company (C&CF) as a model T6J.It was built for the USAF under the Mutual Development Assistance Program. In 1952 the aircraft was used by prince Philip during his training it then served in the 70s with the italian air force until the 80 when it was used in the filming of the empire of the sun it was then sold to Peter Tuplin.  in 200 it was repainted in its Original RAF markings. It was then repainted again in 2015 into its very attractive desert Scheme and given the name Wacky Wabbit it will be its first apperance at the fly-in and flown in by Andrew Goodall. 

G-TDJN - built in 1944 it can be regularly seen at UK airfields in the hands of her owner David Nock who is a locally born pilot to Halfpenny Green JN sounds out from a crowd due to her very colourful cowling and the fact she is an oshkosh winning aircraft back in 2011 after her restoration at Midwest Aero in Daville illinois . this will be the 3rd appearance of JN at a fly-in 

G-CIUW - Built in 1942 UW is a fairly new edition to the UK warbird scene having arrived in early 2016 at her new home Old Warden airfield know around the world as the home of the  shuttleworth collection,previously based in Sweden she was brought over by Hurricane Heritage owner James Brown and in late 2016 she went to Staverton for a repaint reappearing in early 2017 in a stunning RAF scheme. This will be the first appearance of UW at a Fly-in 

N726KM - affectionately knows as “Happy Hour”  flew the Atlantic in 2015 with her owner Martin courage in control after successfully doing this amazing feet she arrived at her new home of Staverton Airport where she is operated. this will be KM’s first fly-in appearance


The de Havilland Vampire was a British jet fighter developed and manufactured by the De Havilland Aircraft Company.  Work on the aircraft began during the Second World War as a largely experimental aircraft suitable for combat that harnessed the groundbreaking innovation of jet propulsion floown in 1943 and pressed into service in 1946 serving in as variety of roles till being replaced in the early 60s. 

Aircraft we have Attending

WZ507 - 507 is the only T11 Vampire currently know to be flying in the Northern hemisphere and she is the first classic jet to go on the Civil register in the 70s,owned by the Vampire Preservation Group at North Weald and will be flown in by there chief pilot Mark Hooton who is all a Ryanair pilot. She will be at the fly-in for the whole weekend and you will be able to get close up to 507 throughout the weekend.